My name is Cathy and I'm a documentary photographer and visual storyteller who specializes in portraiture. My personal work focuses on themes of death, grief, and psychoanalysis, and I'm particularly interested in the way these topics intersect. I'm passionate about exploring the taboo and I take an unconventional approach to my art in that I lead with intuition and empathy, in order to empower rather than exploit. 
My work has been described as visual poetry, owing to the emphasis I place on capturing the beauty and complexity of my subjects' lives. I am deeply committed to my craft and creating meaningful images that explore the diverse faces of the human condition. I am passionate about pushing the boundaries of what is socially accepted, and encouraging people to think differently. By exploring topics from the margins of society, I hope to create space for people to feel comfortable discussing and exploring the topics they are passionate about. 
In my portraiture work, I am guided by a desire to capture someone as they are. I am more interested in who someone is than in how they look, and I want that conveyed in my images. I will never airbrush or photoshop someone, no matter how much they ask. I know that isn't for everyone, but I understand that. Not everyone is for me, either. 
Here's what people I've worked with have said about me in my Facebook reviews:
We used Cathy to photograph our wedding and I have absolutely no regrets. She made us feel so comfortable and was incredibly friendly and easy to talk to and communicate with. I couldn't be happier with the photos. If you are looking for a photographer I would definitely recommend her. --- Melody Werne
Cathy is friendly, professional and is a natural talent. she has a wonderful eye and skill for capturing beautiful candid images. would recommend her for sure! --- Margaux Kendall
Very professional and courteous. Made the process very relaxing and I was very happy with the results. --- Morrigan Moore 
Cathy took some photos for a dinner event around prison abolition with some international big names such as Angela Davis and... WOW they were amazing! I wasn't sure about how the drab lighting would go in the community centre it was hosted at, but the results were beautiful and powerful. Would recommend her for the quiet, respectful way she moved around the space to do her work and the results were simply magnificent. Thank you Cathy for your great work! I'm grateful for coming across you! --- Aya Duinmate 
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